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Last night I was on the phone with my friend when suddenly I got PUMMELED by my roommate, Julia. Lo and behold, it was midnight. The beginning of my 21st birthday :) I was planning on going to bed within the next few minutes, because life doesn't stop just because you grow a year older. Despite good intentions, I ended up staying up until well after 3am with some crazy girls... playing "beer" pong... naturally. (diet coke, don't stress) Here's a bit of documentation of the night.

my "cake": frozen brownies with mint ice cream and smashed up oreos. apparently it says "happy birthday" in chocolate sauce. sure, tempe...
preppin' for "beer" pong... (note the diet coke)

I think I found my calling in life.

my game face is so intimidating

Note my Horkley's t-shirt... a gift from Julia. For you non-Rexburgers, Horkley's is a piece of heaven on earth. Any day you can get a 44 oz. soda for $.60 and on THIRSTY THURSDAYS it's only $.30. I've been wanting one of their shirts for a long time. Thanks, Jules!

And thanks to everyone for helping to make my birthday special!

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  1. the "drunk" picture of you laying on the table....classic.
    My daughter, what a lush.
    (I love that you have this documented)