If money weren't a factor...


...these would be my first purchases.

But, alas, it is.

Seriously, though--how hot is that prius?


Born in September? No? That's okay too.

I just think this is a great, nonprofit organization.
I hope to get involved soon.

...Can you imagine?

I'm baaack.

Oh hey... I remember this thing. A few months ago I tried to change some of the settings and layout of my blog, and it went a little crazy. I lost my previous posts for this URL... they can now be found at megheb1.blogspot.com. Weird, I know.

My summer semester here at BYU-Idaho is coming to an end... next Thursday to be exact. I will then be heading back to Virginia for about six or seven weeks, and then it's back here for the fall. It's been a really good semester overall. I have learned tons and worked hard and even got to have a little fun mixed in.

More to come soon... I just wanted ya'll to know that I am still alive.